Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the discipline of designing, building, and maintaining a robust infrastructure for collecting, transforming, storing, and serving data for the purposes of machine learning, analytic reporting, and/or decision management. Data Engineering is the enabler for efficient and operationalized Data Science.

Business Value

  • Easy to deploy and manage; dramatically simplifies your data warehouse and analytics infrastructure
  • Fast time-to-value for important business intelligence and analytic initiatives that impact your bottom line
  • Meet increasing demands for performance and capacity using cost-effective industry building blocks
  • Protect your information with high availability, business continuity, and security


We harness big data potential in various domains to the maximum and ensure ROI on your big data investments. For you to generate meaningful insights from your big data, we bring multiple data sources under the umbrella of a unified big data solution.

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Customer Analytics


Marketing and Sales Analytics

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Supply Chain Analytics


Asset Analytics

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Manufacturing Analytics

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Financial Analytics


We offer 3 cooperation models for big data consulting to address your business challenges efficiently.

Big Data analytics outsourcing

Do you want to enjoy meaningful insights out of petabytes of big data without investing in designing and supporting a full-scale solution? Turn to our data analytics outsourcing services.

Big data implementation consulting

Do you consider implementing a big data solution or completely revamping the existing one? We are ready to implement our best practices to customize your big data project in accordance with your current needs.

Big data improvement consulting

Does the existing big data solution bring inadequate ROI and your attempts to get value from big data lead nowhere? Our team will consult you on tuning your big data platform in accordance with your business objectives.

Data Engineering Services




Maturity assessment
Engineering Services
Compliance Assessment
Architecture Definition
data Infrastructure Support
Cloud Migration
BI Support
BI / EDW Design
Cloud Security

Technologies We use

Data Engineering Solutions

Data Infrastructure Solutions

  • Data Lake design and implementation
  • Deployment with multiple models: cloud, on-prem and hybrid
  • Real-time and batch data processing for AI/ML use-cases, dashboards

Data Engineering Solutions

  • Design and development of data pipelines (ETL/ELT)
  • Design and development of data products with APIs
  • DQM (Data Quality Management) enablement with robust audit processes
  • Feature Store design and development

Data Governance Solutions

  • Design and implementation of data governance solutions to enforce data policies (e.g. GDPR compliance)
  • Design and implementation of data ownership, and access policies
  • Data security audits

Data Operations

  • Data Lake and RDBMS Management
  • DBA Services
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Support

Our differentiators

Data Science and Analytics Focus

Enables Incedo to focus on key success drivers for building data infrastructure.

Data Engineering Accelerators

Incedo provides out of the box solutions for data engineering including data lake and feature store solutions which minimize time to value.

World-Class Engineering Services

Incedo helps your organization with full portfolio of data engineering services to augment your organization’s data team.

Managed Services

Incedo provides full suite of managed services to drive down the cost of data ownership.

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