It depends! The pricing depends on many factors like the kind of projects you would like to implement or the types of skilled resources you would like to engage with. Plus there are other factors like time of engagement, strategic reasons, new client relationships etc. That’s why we suggest that you talk to us by clicking on this link here.

We get it! The only thing constant in life is change! So, let’s say, you started with us on an on-demand engagement model but soon realize that you need more of our help in realizing your business goals. You can easily switch your model to the monthly retainer one or anything else of your choice.

The Retainer model has a minimum of a 1-month retainer and the Projects engagement model needs a contract for the tenure of the project. But the Per-paid and On-Demand engagement models have no such needs. You can use our services as much (or as less) as your needs may be at that specific time.

SydneySights resources are based in the USA and India. We have been in this business for close to 10 years now and have developed an extensive network of qualified professionals. We hire the best professionals out of our network. Every professional is vetted, qualified and comes with references. You can talk with them over Zoom before you engage them.

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